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Name: Jeffrey Scott Buckley                                                     
Born: 17 November 1966 Anaheim, California, U.S.                               
Died: 29 May 1997 Memphis, Tennessee, USA                                       
Genre(s): Alternative rock, Folk rock, Blues                                   
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter                                               
Instrument(s): Vocals, Guitar, Bass guitar, Harmonium, Organ, Drums, Dulcimer, 
Tabla, Sitar, Harmonica,                                                       
Years active 1991 - 1997                                                       
Jeffrey Scott Buckley (November 17, 1966 - May 29, 1997), raised as Scotty     
Moorhead, was an acclaimed American singer-songwriter and guitarist.           
Known for his ethereal singing voice, Buckley was considered to be one of the   
most promising artists of his generation after the release of his critically   
acclaimed 1994 debut album Grace. At the height of his popularity, Buckley     
drowned during an evening swim in 1997. His work and style continue to be       
highly regarded by critics and fellow musicians.