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Name: George Harrison                                                                 
Born: 25 February 1943 Liverpool, Merseyside, England                                 
Died: 29 November 2001 Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.                                 
George Harrison, MBE (25 February 1943 - 29 November 2001) was an English             
rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, author and sitarist best known as the lead         
guitarist of The Beatles. Following the band's breakup, Harrison had a                 
successful career as a solo artist and later as part of the Traveling Wilburys         
super group where he was known as both Nelson Wilbury and Spike Wilbury. He was       
also a film producer, with his production company Handmade Films, involving           
people as diverse as Madonna and the members of Monty Python. From an initial         
exposure whilst a member of the Beatles, he maintained a high public profile           
regarding his religious and spiritual life.                                           
John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the Beatles' main songwriters though               
Harrison generally wrote or sang lead on a few songs per album. His later             
compositions earned him growing admiration as a talent in his own right. Despite       
his artistic growth he remained overshadowed by the Lennon/McCartney duo. After       
the band's breakup it was Harrison who achieved the first #1 single ("My Sweet         
Lord") by any ex-Beatle. Besides his talents as a singer, songwriter, guitarist,       
and sitarist, he was also a record producer.                                           
While still a Beatle, Harrison became attracted to Indian music and Hinduism.         
Both would subsequently play a prominent role in Harrison's life and music. His       
use of the sitar introduced the instrument to millions of Western listeners. He       
adopted Hinduism (as there is no conversion in Hinduism) and his last rites were       
performed according to Hindu tradition.                                               
After The Beatles' breakup, Harrison had a successful solo career, scoring hits       
with "My Sweet Lord" (1970), "What Is Life" (1971), "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace       
on Earth)" (1973), "All Those Years Ago" (1981), and "Got My Mind Set on You" (1987). 
Harrison's landmark triple album, All Things Must Pass, currently holds the           
distinction of being the best selling album by a solo Beatle. He also                 
organized the first large-scale benefit concert, The Concert for Bangladesh,           
which took place on 1 August 1971. Harrison was inducted into the Rock and Roll       
Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 2004.                                                 
Harrison was also a film producer and founded Handmade Films in 1979. The             
company's films include Monty Python's The Life of Brian (in which he had a           
cameo), Time Bandits, Withnail and I, and Mona Lisa. Harrison also has a cameo         
role in the Rutles TV mockumentary All You Need Is Cash. Harrison died of cancer       
on 29 November 2001, at the age of 58.