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Name: Eric Adam Avery                                                                 
Born: April 25, 1965 Los Angeles, California, USA                                     
Eric Adam Avery (born April 25, 1965) is an American musician, most famous for         
his co-creation of, and for role as the original bassist in, the band Jane's           
Eric and Dave Navarro first met as students at St. Paul the Apostle Grammar           
School in West Los Angeles, a Catholic Parochial School founded by the Paulist         
Fathers. Eric and Dave were classmates together. Eric went on to Loyola High           
School (boys only) of Los Angeles and Dave went on to Notre Dame High School (boys     
only) in Sherman Oaks, California. Dave was classmates at Notre Dame with             
Stephen Perkins. Stephen met Eric's sister, Rebecca Avery, and they dated. It         
was Rebecca who suggested that Eric and Dave audition Stephen as the drummer for       
Jane's Addiction. After much beseeching, an audition was arranged for Stephen,         
who was instantly liked by Eric, Dave, and Perry Farrell.                             
Avery has kept a fairly low profile since the demise of Jane's Addiction,             
participating in the Deconstruction project with Dave Navarro immediately after       
Jane's Addiction's breakup, but declining all invitations for Jane's reunions.         
The only reason Avery has ever given for his repeated rejections is that he           
feels the reunions are motivated purely by money. He has also recorded tracks         
for, toured with and briefly dated Alanis Morissette, as well as creating             
another side project, Polar Bear in 1994. As seen in the film Some Kind of             
Monster, Avery also auditioned to become the bassist for Metallica, after the         
departure of former bassist Jason Newsted. The job didn't quite fit right for         
Avery; instead the band went with Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo.               
Avery toured with the band Garbage during the promotion of their 2005 Bleed Like       
Me album.                                                                             
Avery worked briefly with the revived Smashing Pumpkins, but ultimately did not       
join the band. Avery was not paid for his work with the newly revived band,           
but did say the sessions were a lot of fun: "I went into [the Pumpkins] with the       
same mentality I took with me when I auditioned for Metallica — I expected to       
have a good story to tell my wife. I had no expectations. I had heard nothing         
but bad things about working with Billy, but I went, and I found it to be a           
really inspiring time." Billy Corgan ended up playing bass parts on what               
would become their 2007 album Zeitgeist and hired Ginger Reyes for live               
Eric has recently announced signing with Dangerbird Records for the upcoming           
release of his solo album Help Wanted.