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Name: Edward Joel Kowalczyk                                                     
Born: July 16, 1971 York, Pennsylvania, U.S.                                     
Edward Joel Kowalczyk (born July 16, 1971 in York, Pennsylvania, U.S.) is the   
lead singer for the band Live. He counts among his influences the writer Jiddu   
Krishnamurti and integral thinker Ken Wilber, and his lyrics reflect his         
mystical and spiritual tendency. He has worked with musician Stuart Davis, Glen 
Ballard, singer Anouk, Neneh Cherry, British trip-hop star Tricky and the       
Counting Crows' Adam Duritz. He also appeared in the David Fincher film         
adaptation of Fight Club. He currently lives in Ojai, California, with his wife 
and two daughters, Ana Sophia and Natasha. He has influenced bands such as       
Daughtry, Matchbox Twenty and Breaking Benjamin.