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Name Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan                                               
Born: September 6, 1971 Limerick, Ireland                                         
Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan (Burton) (born September 6, 1971) is an Irish       
singer and songwriter. She led The Cranberries to worldwide success and fame for 
thirteen years before the band took a hiatus in 2003. Her first solo album Are   
You Listening? was released in May 2007.                                         
In 1990 Dolores O'Riordan auditioned and won the role of lead singer for a band   
called The Cranberry Saw Us (later changed to The Cranberries).                   
The band released five albums Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993),
No Need to Argue (1994), To the Faithful Departed (1996), Bury the Hatchet (1999) 
and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (2001) and a greatest-hits compilation entitled 
Stars - The Best of 1992 - 2002 (2002), before their foreseen hiatus.             
All through the '90s O'Riordan was recognized for her constantly changing         
hairstyles, from shoulder-length to very short crop in a myriad colors and       
shades. She usually performs on stage in her bare feet.