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Name: Brian Marshall                                                               
Birth name: Brian Aubrey Marshall                                                   
Born: 24 April 1973 Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.                                     
Brian Aubrey Marshall (born on April 24, 1973) is the former bassist for Creed,     
and the current bassist for Alter Bridge. He originally came up with the name       
for the band (Creed), which had previously been called "Naked Toddler". He was     
in Creed until late 2000, when personal issues with vocalist Scott Stapp led him   
to depart the band. For Creed's follow-up album, Weathered, guitarist Mark         
Tremonti played bass. Brett Hestla, now of Dark New Day, played bass during live   
After Creed broke up in 2004, Marshall was asked to join Alter Bridge by           
Tremonti and Scott Phillips personally since they enjoyed his playing.             
Interesting to note was his new appearance which made him almost unrecognizable     
after his four year absence. He had grown out his hair and buffed up in his time   
away from music. Today, however, Brian has short hair once again.                   
He originally played a 4 string Fender Jazz bass guitar but he has switched to a   
custom made 5 string Sadowsky bass guitar as of Alter Bridge's first album.         
He married longtime girlfriend Donna M. Reynolds in February 2001.                 
He started out his music career by playing his father's drums. He states that       
after scratching his father's drum set a few times, that his dad decided it was     
time to buy him a bass guitar. Taken from an interview on Music Equals Life