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Name: The Pixies                                                                 
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA                                               
The Pixies are an American alternative rock band formed in Boston,               
Massachusetts in 1985. The band disbanded in 1993 in acrimonious                 
circumstances but reunited in 2004. Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal, and 
David Lovering have been the band's continual members. The Pixies found only     
modest success in their home country, but were significantly more successful in 
the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, although never achieving mainstream 
success with their studio albums.                                               
The Pixies' music was heavily influenced by punk and surf rock, and while highly 
melodic, was capable of being tremendously abrasive at the same time. Francis   
was the band's primary songwriter and singer and had a distinctly desperate,     
yowling delivery. He typically wrote cryptic songs about offbeat subjects, such 
as UFOs and surrealism. References to mental instability, violent Biblical       
imagery, physical injury, and incest feature in many of the band's songs.       
The group is frequently posited as the immediate forebearer of the alternative   
rock boom of the early 1990s, though they disbanded before reaping any of the   
benefits this might have brought them. Avowed fan Kurt Cobain's                 
acknowledgement of the debt Nirvana owed to the Pixies, along with similar       
tributes by other alternative bands, ensured that the Pixies' legacy and         
influence grew substantially in the years following their demise.