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Name: Son Volt                                                                     
Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA                                               
Son Volt is an alternative country group formed by Jay Farrar in 1994 after the   
breakup of the band Uncle Tupelo. Son Volt is often considered the closest         
continuance of Uncle Tupelo's alt-country/Americana sound and musical legacy.     
The group formed after Farrar met Jim and Dave Boquist during the final Uncle     
Tupelo tour. Together with former Uncle Tupelo drummer Mike Heidorn, the band     
rehearsed and recorded in the Minneapolis area in late 1994. The group performed   
its first concert at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on June 16, 1995. While   
half of the band was rooted in the Minneapolis area, Farrar and Heidorn lived in   
the St. Louis area, and the band used both cities as bases for its operations     
during the first couple of years.                                                 
Son Volt was dropped from their record label contract with Warner Bros. Records,   
and announced a hiatus after their 1999 tour. Beginning in 2001, Jay Farrar       
released several solo efforts that postponed further releases from Son Volt.       
Farrar reformed with the original members of Son Volt to record a song for a       
tribute album for Alejandro Escovedo. The sessions reportedly went so well that   
Farrar and the other band members intended to record once again in the autumn of   
2004. Just prior to the sessions, however, negotiations with the other bands       
members apparently reached a standstill when they refused to show up to the       
planned recording session that Farrar had arranged. Having already booked studio   
time, Farrar formed a new version of the band with a different line-up and         
released an album on Transmit Sound/Sony Legacy, Okemah and the Melody of Riot",   
in 2005. 2006 saw the release of a live CD and DVD called Six String Belief. In   
2007 the band released a studio album The Search.