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Name: Live                                                                         
Origin: York, Pennsylvania                                                         
Genre(s): Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Hard rock                                 
Years active: 1988-present                                                         
Live is an American alternative rock band from York, Pennsylvania, comprised of Ed 
Kowalczyk (lead vocals and guitar), Chad Taylor (lead guitar), Patrick             
Dahlheimer (bass guitar) and Chad Gracey (drums and percussion). Since             
approximately 1999, Live has toured with Ed's younger brother Adam Kowalczyk as     
a rhythm guitarist. They have also previously toured with British keyboardist       
Michael "Railo" Railton and Christopher Thorn (from Blind Melon).                   
Live climbed from modest modern rock success to the mainstream spotlight           
worldwide on the strength of their 1994 breakthrough album, the 8 million-selling   
Throwing Copper.