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Name: Dixie Chicks                                                                   
Origin: Dallas, Texas, United States,                                               
The Dixie Chicks are a country rock band from the United States composed of         
three women: Emily Robison, Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines. They are the         
highest-selling female band in any musical genre, having sold 36 million albums     
as of June 2006.                                                                     
The group formed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas. After several years of failure to         
reach a large audience outside a local fan base, a change in band members and       
new approach towards their material rocketed the band toward massive country and     
pop success in the late 1990s. With hit songs and diamond albums, the women         
became well-known for their lively persona, instrumental virtuosity, soaring         
ballads, fashion sense and outspoken political comments. As of 2007, they have       
won 13 Grammy Awards.                                                               
Ten days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, lead vocalist Natalie Maines publicly     
criticized U.S. President George W. Bush. The ensuing controversy cost the group     
half of their concert audience attendance in the United States as chronicled         
in the 2006 documentary Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing.                             
At the 49th Grammy Awards Show in 2007, the group won all five categories for       
which they were nominated, including the coveted Song of the Year, Record of the     
Year, and Album of the Year, in a vote that Maines interpreted as being a show       
of public support for their advocacy of free speech and their early disapproval     
of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.