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Name: Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson                                                       
Born: 1814                                                                             
Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson or Dickenson was born in 1814 in the U.S. state of         
Tennessee, but little is known of her early life. On May 24, 1829, at the age of       
15, she married Almeron Dickinson. He was a DeWitt Colonist and a member of the         
Old Gonzales 18. Justice of the Peace Joseph W. McKean officiated the ceremony.         
She was present in the Alamo compound during the 15-day siege and subsequent           
Battle of the Alamo, in which her husband Almeron was a casualty on March 6,           
1836, in San Antonio, Texas. Dickinson's life was spared by General and                 
President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and she would later become the most             
extensively quoted eyewitness source to the final and subsequent events of the         
Alamo defeat.                                                                           
During the                                                                             
"Sacred to the Memory of Susan A. Wife of J. W. Hannig Died Oct. 7, 1883 Aged 68       
The marble marker was placed there by Hannig. The marble slab was later added by       
the state on March 2, 1949. Her second husband Hannig was buried beside her             
after he died in 1890.                                                                 
A cenotaph honoring Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson was placed in the Texas State           
Cemetery in Austin, Texas.