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Name: Frances Slocum                                                                 
Frances Slocum (Maconaquah, "The Little Bear") was an adopted member of the         
Miami tribe taken from her family home by the Lenape in Pennsylvania at the age     
of four and raised in what is now Indiana.                                           
Frances Slocum was taken captive by a group of Lenape on November 2, 1778 when       
she was just five years old. Her family had been among the first whites to           
settle in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. It is believed that she escaped       
captivity that first night but was soon recaptured and was held for the night       
under a rock ledge along Abraham Creek in what is now part of Frances Slocum         
State Park near Wyoming, Pennsylvania (named in her honor). Frances Slocum spent     
the rest of her life with the Native Americans. Her brothers found her 59 years     
later living on an Indian Reservation near Peru, Indiana. Despite the pleadings     
of her brothers, Frances refused to leave her family. She had been married twice     
and was the mother of four children. Frances, now called "Maconaquah" (meaning "Young
Bear"), lived for the rest of her life in Indiana. She died in 1847 when she was     
74 years old. Her name lives on in Indiana, where the Frances Slocum State           
Recreational Area and Lost Sister Trail in the Mississinewa Reservoir and State     
Forest are named in her memory. Her final resting place is marked with a             
monument along the banks of the Mississinewa River in Indiana. There is a high       
school named Maconaquah High School after her. There is a Frances Slocum             
Elementary School in Marion, Indiana. There was a Frances Slocum Elementary         
School in Fort Wayne, Indiana named after her, closed about 1975. In addition, a     
Wabash, Indiana bank was named after her, although the bank is now known by         
another name.