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Name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld                                                             
Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a fictional supervillain from the James Bond universe         
created by Ian Fleming. An evil genius, he is the archenemy of the British             
Secret Service agent James Bond and head of the global criminal organization           
SPECTRE with aspirations of world domination. His quest for global supremacy is       
based around terrorism, revenge and extortion.                                         
Blofeld appears or is heard in six official James Bond films: From Russia with         
Love (1963), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), On Her Majesty's         
Secret Service, (1969) and Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and his final appearance       
is the pre-title teaser of For Your Eyes Only. He also appears in Never Say           
Never Again, the 1983 remake of Thunderball, which makes him the most persistent       
and arguably greatest of James Bond's enemies.                                         
Blofeld is best known as a bald villain, but due to the nature of his evil             
scheming he is able to frequently invent new disguises or change his physical         
appearances, even more so than in the novels. In the films, Blofeld almost             
always appears with a white Persian cat. It was also briefly a convention of the       
Bond films not to show Blofeld's face: only a closeup of him stroking his cat.         
This convention was later broken in You Only Live Twice and subsequent films.         
Blofeld, with his trademark cat, was also mimicked in the animated series             
Inspector Gadget (Dr. Claw with Mad Cat) and DangerMouse (Baron Greenback, with       
white caterpillar), and spoofed in Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (as     
Dr. Evil with Mr. Bigglesworth), Zoolander (Mugatu, with poodle), Mr. India (Mogambo) 
and Spice World (The Chief, with changing pets).