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Brenda Starr is a comic strip about a glamorous, adventurous reporter. Created     
by Dale Messick for the Chicago Tribune syndicate, it initially encountered         
resistance from Tribune editor Joseph Medill Patterson because its creator and     
main character were both women. Although set in Chicago, in its early years it     
was the only syndicate strip not to appear in the Tribune itself. The strip was     
relegated to a supplement, but quickly worked its way into the Sunday paper. A     
daily strip was added in 1945.                                                     
The strip debuted on June 30, 1940, syndicated by the Chicago Tribune Syndicate.   
Messick retired in 1980, succeeded only by women, first by Ramona Fradon. When     
Ramona Fradon retired in 1995, she was followed by Linda Sutter, and June           
Brenda has always been a modern woman, noted for her exotic adventures and         
steamy romances. Messick and the other artists concentrated on keeping Brenda       
contemporary in clothing and hairstyles. Before Messick retired, Starr finally     
married the mysterious Basil St. John, whose eyepatch and black orchid serum       
have been a regular plot element. Basil has been missing in recent years as         
Brenda continues her many adventures.                                               
The strip's current writer is Mary Schmich, who is herself a Chicago reporter       
and columnist at the Tribune. The strip often lampoons newspapers, with             
inexperienced reporters and corporate newspaper owners frequent targets, and it     
is a favorite of people working in the newspaper industry, particularly