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Name: Sadaharu Oh                                                                                         
Born: 20 May 1940                                                                                         
Sadaharu Oh or officially Wang Chenchih (born May 20, 1940), is a former baseball player and manager     
of the Yomiuri Giants in Nippon Professional Baseball and is the current manager                         
of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. He holds the world record for home runs on a                               
professional level, having hit 868 in his career.                                                         
Oh is the son of a Chinese father (from Zhejiang) and a Japanese mother and was                           
born in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. He had Japanese citizenship when he was born, but                           
the family changed their nationality soon after the end of World War II. He                               
speaks Japanese and has lived in Japan all his life. He and his three daughters                           
hold Republic of China (Taiwanese) passports.