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Name: Rick Ankiel                                                                 
Born: 19 July 1979                                                                 
Richard Alexander "Rick" Ankiel (born July 19, 1979, in Fort Pierce, Florida) is   
an outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball.               
Ankiel began his career in the majors as a starting pitcher, posting a solid       
rookie season in 2000 with 11 wins and 7 losses, but during the playoffs that     
year, he suddenly found himself unable to consistently throw strikes. After a     
few years of struggling with injuries and command, he abandoned pitching in 2005   
and began to work his way back up to the major leagues as an outfielder, finally   
succeeding in August 2007. He became and still is the only active major leaguer   
to have played as a full-time major-league pitcher and position player. In early   
September of 2007, his homecoming was mired in controversy when the New York       
Daily News revealed that he had received shipments of human growth hormone in     
2004. Ankiel admitted to using HGH as a therapeutic treatment soon after, and     
was not disciplined by the MLB after investigation.