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Name: Phar Lap                                                                   
Died: 1932                                                                       
Phar Lap, a giant chestnut thoroughbred gelding, is considered by many to be     
Australia and New Zealand's greatest racehorse, and is a much loved Australian   
national icon. It should be noted that many New Zealanders also claim that Phar   
Lap enjoys a similarly revered status in the New Zealand consciousness. At the   
time of his death in 1932, Phar Lap was the third highest stake-winner in the     
world. Bookmakers offered very short odds on him, even refusing to accept any     
bets on some races.                                                               
Phar Lap was born and bred in Timaru, in the South Island of New Zealand, but     
never raced in that country. Following his purchase he was taken to Australia     
where he dominated the racing scene during a long and distinguished racing       
Standing 17.1 hands, he was sometimes called "Australia's wonder horse" in that   
country. He was also called "The Red Terror" and "Big Red", the same nicknames   
given to two of the greatest US racehorses, Man o' War and Secretariat.           
Sired by Night Raid (b United Kingdom 1918) out of dam Entreaty (b New Zealand   
1920), Phar Lap was foaled in Timaru in 1926. His mounted hide is displayed at   
the Melbourne Museum, his skeleton at Te Papa Tongarewa - New Zealand's National 
Museum, and his heart at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.