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Name: Jackie Marie Stiles                                                           
Born: 21 December 1978                                                             
Jackie Marie Stiles (born December 21, 1978 in Kansas City, Kansas) is a           
basketball shooting guard who set scoring records in college, and then played       
briefly in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).                     
She attended Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State           
University) in 1998-2001. While there, Stiles became the first and so far only     
NCAA Division I women’s player to score more than 1,000 points in a season,       
scoring 1,062 in her senior year. That year, she won the Wade Trophy, which         
honors the best women's basketball player in the college ranks, as well as the     
Broderick Cup, which honors the Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year.               
Her pro career started promisingly. In the 2001 WNBA Draft, she was selected       
fourth overall by the Portland Fire, and was later voted the Rookie of the Year     
on August 16, 2001. But since that high point, Stiles has suffered numerous         
injuries, including 13 surgeries, which has greatly hampered her WNBA career.       
After the Fire folded in 2002, Stiles was selected 14th by the Los Angeles         
Sparks, but did not play that season, due to spending rehabilitation time for       
her injuries. She left the WNBA after that season, though her WNBA rights are       
still owned by the Sparks.                                                         
In 2004, Stiles signed with the Lubbock Hawks (in Lubbock, Texas) of the           
National Women's Basketball League (NWBL). This also proved unsuccessful, but       
Stiles has embraced a new sport in which she is apparently having more success:     
competitive cycling.                                                               
On September 29, 2006, the Canberra Times reported that Stiles will be returning   
to basketball, to play for the Canberra Capitals in the Women's National           
Basketball League in Australia.                                                     
Stiles' younger sister, Roxanne, led Claflin High School to back-to-back Class 1A   
state championships in Kansas in 2005 and 2006, has followed in her sister's       
footsteps by playing basketball at Missouri State.                                 
Jackie explained that before she finished her basketball workout, she would have   
to make 1,000 baskets. She also said that she is so forgetful, that she             
sometimes leaves her basketball shoes at the gym! When Jackie was younger, she     
had 3 basset hounds and 2 cats!                                                     
Jackie had a little that died of a disease when she was just an infant. Her name   
was Carlie. Jackie cared so much for her that all she wanted to do was make the     
best of her short life. Her mom wanted Carlie to see Jackie play basketball, so     
she took her to Jackie's game. After the game, she stopped breathing, so a week     
later she past away. She was devistated. In Carlie's casket, Jackie put a medal     
in their to represent something that Jackie cared about.