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  Name: Elke Clijsters                                                                         
  Born: 18 January 1985 Liege, Belgium                                                                                                                                                             
  Elke Clijsters (born January 18, 1985) is a former professional female tennis               
  player from Belgium. Born in Bilzen, Bree as the daughter of Belgian football               
  player Leo Clijsters and younger sister  Kim Clijsters (born 1983) is an international       
  tennis star , she retired in 2004 because of health problems. In 2002 she  won               
  junior doubles championships at Wimbledon. Not  long into  her  career, however,  she  was   
sidelined with a  back injury. She  retired from professional  play in 2004  and               
teaches tennis in Belgium.