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Name: Barbara Schett                                                             
Born: 10 March 1976 Innsbruck, Austria                                           
Barbara Schett (born 10 March 1976 in Innsbruck) is a former Austrian tennis     
player, who began playing professionally in 1992. She ended her career at the   
2005 Australian Open. Between 1993 to 2004 she played in 48 games for the       
Austrian Fed Cup team, winning 30. She also represented Austria at the Sydney   
2000 Olympics in singles and doubles reaching the quarterfinals in the singles. 
Barbara Schett won a total of 13 WTA tournaments, 3 in the singles category and 
10 in the doubles. She has also won one ITF tournament. In 1999 she qualified   
for the season ending WTA Tour Championships reaching the quarterfinals and was 
named TENNIS Magazine's Most Improved Player.