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Alex Rodriguez                                                                     
Born: July 27, 1975                                                                 
Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez (born July 27, 1975 in New York, New York),           
commonly nicknamed A-Rod, is a Dominican American baseball player. He is           
currently the third baseman for the New York Yankees, after having played           
shortstop for the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.                               
Since 1996, his first full season, through 2007 he leads the Major Leagues in       
home runs (HR), runs scored, runs batted in (RBI), total bases and extra-base       
hits. He is currently first all-time in HR, runs scored and total bases; second     
in extra base hits and RBI, and 4th in hits among all players in baseball           
history prior to their 31st birthday. In addition, to this point in his career     
Rodriguez has more HR, RBI, runs scored and more base hits than all-time leaders   
Hank Aaron (RBI), Barry Bonds (HR), Rickey Henderson (runs scored), and Pete       
Rose (hits) did prior to their 31st birthdays. He is the youngest player ever to   
hit 500 home runs, breaking the record Jimmie Foxx set in 1939.                     
He has been cited as among the best all-around players currently in baseball.       
On October 28, 2007, Rodriguez, at the recommendation of his agent, opted out of   
the final three years of his contract with the Yankees. On December 13, 2007,       
Rodriguez announced the signing of a new 10-year contract with the Yankees,         
reportedly worth $275 million and $30 million more if he breaks the all-time       
home run record of 762, making it the richest contract in baseball history.