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Name: Alberto Santos Dumont                                                         
Born: 20 July 1873                                                                 
Died: 23 July 1932                                                                 
Alberto Santos-Dumont (20 July 1873 – 23 July 1932) was an early pioneer of       
aviation. He was born and died in Brazil. He spent most of his adult life living   
in France. His contributions to aviation took place while he was living in Paris,   
Santos-Dumont designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible balloons.     
In doing so he became the first person to demonstrate that routine, controlled     
flight was possible. This "conquest of the air", in particular winning the         
Deutsch de la Meurthe prize on 19 October 1901 on a flight that rounded the         
Eiffel Tower, made him one of the most famous people in the world during the       
early 20th century.                                                                 
In addition to his pioneering work in airships, Santos-Dumont made the first       
public European flight of an airplane in Paris on 23 October 1906. That aircraft,   
designated 14-bis or Oiseau de proie (French for "bird of prey"), is considered     
to be the first to take off, fly, and land without the use of catapults, high       
winds, launch rails, or other external assistance[citation needed]. For all his     
contributions to the area, in Brazil he is honored as the "Father of Aviation"     
and the first man to fly an airplane, even though the Wright Brothers had flown     
an airplane three years before Dumont.