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Name: Yellapragada Subbarao                                                         
Born: January 12, 1895                                                               
Died: August 9, 1948                                                                 
Yellapragada Subbarao (January 12, 1895-August 9, 1948) remains in the views of     
many the most notable medical scientist to emerge from India. He was born in a       
very poor family in Bhimavaram of the Old Madras Presidency, now in West             
Godavary Dt., Andhra Pradesh. He passed through a traumatic period in his           
schooling at Rajahmundry (premature death of close relations by disease) and         
could eventually matriculate in his third attempt from the Hindu High School,       
Madras. He passed the Intermediate Examination from the Presidency College and       
entered the Madras Medical College, where his education was supported by friends     
and Kasturi Suryanarayana Murthy, whose daughter he later married. Following         
Gandhiji's call to boycott British goods he started wearing khadi surgical dress;   
this incurred the displeasure of M. C. Bradfield, his surgery professor.             
Consequently, though he did well in the written papers, he was awarded the           
lesser LMS certificate and not the full MBBS degree.