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How would you live your life if at the age of 26, going against your father?s       
will, you produced a life changing book? Find out how Roger Tory Peterson lived     
his life after publishing his Field Guide to the Birds in 1934. See what it was     
like for him to go from someone folks thought was too dreamy to amount to           
anything, to being able to turn his passion for observing nature into a             
profession. This account of his life is written in a very straight forward         
manner, so you feel like you are getting the facts of his life, rather than         
commentary, embellishment, or even reading something done by a fan.                 
From the publisher: Beginning with his 1934 Field Guide to the Birds, Roger Tory   
Peterson introduced literally millions of people to the pleasures of observing     
birds in the wild. His field guide, which has gone through five editions and       
sold more than four million copies, fostered an appreciation for the natural       
world that set the stage for the contemporary environmental movement. When         
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring sounded a warning about the threat to birds and       
their habitats in the 1960s, the Peterson field guides had already prepared the     
public and the scientific community to heed the warning and fight to save           
habitat and protect endangered species?a result that Peterson wholeheartedly