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NAME: Maria Mitchell                                                                   
BIRTH DATE: August 1, 1818                                                             
BIRTH PLACE: Nantucket, Massachusetts                                                   
EDUCATION: Maria Mitchell attended Cyrus Peirce's School for Young Ladies. In           
her younger years she was taught chiefly by her father. She was largely self-educated   
Maria was the third child of William and Lydia Mitchell, a                             
Quaker family with ten children.                                                       
On October 1, 1847 Maria Mitchell discovered a                                         
telescopic comet, an accomplishment for which she received a gold medal from           
King Frederick of Denmark. She was the first woman elected to the American             
Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of           
Science, and the American Philosophical Society. She was a Professor of                 
Astronomy at Vassar College. She founded and was president of the American             
Association for the Advancement of Women. She led one session of the Women's           
Congress. Maria was given an honorary degree from Columbia College. A crater on         
the moon was named for her. Posthumously, a tablet with her name was put in the         
New York University Hall of Fame, her name was carved in a frieze at the Boston         
Public Library, and she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.           
DATE OF DEATH: June 28, 1889                                                           
PLACE OF DEATH: Lynn, Massachusetts