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Name: George Boole                                                                 
Born: November 2, 1815 (Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England)                             
Dead: December 8, 1864 (Ballintemple, County Cork, Ireland)                         
George Boole  (November 2, 1815 - December 8, 1864) was a British                   
mathematician and philosopher.                                                     
As the inventor of Boolean algebra, which is the basis of all modern computer       
arithmetic, Boole is regarded in hindsight as one of the founders of the field     
of computer science, although computers did not exist in his day.                   
George Boole's father, John Boole (1779-1848), was a tradesman of limited means,   
but of "studious character and active mind". Being especially interested in         
mathematical science and logic, the father gave his son his first lessons; but     
the extraordinary mathematical talents of George Boole did not manifest             
themselves in early life. At first his favourite subject was classics.