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Evan B. Forde is an American oceanographer.                                           
Forde was born in Miami, Florida and received his primary education in the local       
public school system. He received his bachelor's degree in Geology and his             
Master's degree in marine geology and geophysics, both from Columbia University       
in New York. Forde became a researcher in the Marine Geology and Geophysics           
laboratory at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA)             
Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) while an                   
undergraduate at Columbia during the summer of 1973.                                   
Utilizing his background in classical Marine Geology techniques, Forde became a       
recognized authority on the formation, evolution and sedimentary processes of         
east coast U.S. submarine canyons. Among Forde's career highlights are                 
successful submersible dive expeditions in several submarine canyons utilizing         
ALVIN, the JOHNSON SEA LINK and NEKTON GAMMA. Additional scientific research           
efforts have included studies of gravity-induced mass sediment movements on           
continental slopes, 3-dimensional mapping of hydrothermal plumes, and the study       
of ocean-atmosphere exchange of anthropogenic carbon dioxide.                         
In 1998, Forde became a researcher in NOAA/AOML's Satellite Remote Sensing group.     
The mission of this group is to use satellite radiometry and scatterometry data       
to verify and improve the quality of oceanographic and meteorological data in         
open ocean areas. This work has many potentially far reaching applications most       
notably in the early detection of forming hurricanes as well as improving             
hurricane intensity and track predictions models.                                     
Forde has also worked in the area of science education. He developed and teaches       
graduate level courses on Tropical Meteorology targeted towards K-12 teachers,         
authored science experiments in a children’s magazine for three years, created a     
Severe Weather Poster for NOAA that was endorsed and distributed nationally to         
50,000 teachers by the National Science Teacher Association. Forde has spoken to       
greater than 25,000 school children through presentations about his                   
oceanographic and academic careers. He has been the subject of two museum             
exhibits, including a current display in the Great Explorations section of the         
Staten Island Children's Museum and he has been featured in a number of               
periodical articles, numerous text books as well as many other books and               
publications on prominent African American scientists.