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The demanding music composers during the 1950s and 1960s, the Shankar-jaikishan duo could create melodies heightening any emotion portrayed on the big screen.


The duo had begun their career as orchestra musicians at the Prithvi Theatres. Their talent came to the fore in Raj Kapoor’s super hit movie ‘Barsaat’. After the film’s success, they went on to scorehit music for many more Raj Kapoor films like-’Awara’, ’shri 420′ and ‘Anadi’. Their ability to compose classical melodies was revealed in the film ‘Seema’ and ‘Basant Bahar’.


During the early 1960s, Shankar-Jaikishan reached the zenith of their career when they became the highest paid music directors of the Indian film industry.


Unfortunately, a discord resulted in a split in their partnership. Shankar and Jaikishan Started composing music separately, though they continued their partnership.