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Robert Hass is the author of three books of poems, Field Guide (1973), Praise (1979), 
and Human Wishes, which was published by the Ecco Press in 1989. He has co-translated 
several volumes of poetry by Czeslaw Milosz, including Unattainable Earth and         
Provinces, and contributed to Dante's Inferno: Translations by Twenty                 
Contemporary Poets. He has edited Selected Poems: 1954-1986 by Thomas                 
Tranströmer, as well as The Essential Haiku: Versions of Bashö, Busan, and Issa.     
A book of his essays, Twentieth Century Pleasures, received the National Book         
Critics Circle Award in 1984. His many honors include a John D. and Catherine T.     
MacArthur Fellowship. In 1995 he was selected by the Library of Congress as Poet     
Laureate of the United States. Robert Haas is a professor of English at the           
University of California, Berkeley. His latest book of poetry is Sun Under Wood,     
and his most recent book is Poet's Choice: Poems for Everyday Life.