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The famous singer Rasoolanbai was born in 1902 at Kachhawa Baazar in Uttar Pradesh. She belonged to a very poor family. She had inherited music as a legacy from her mother Adalat. Whichever raga she listened in her childhood, without any delay, she started practicing it. At the age of five her interest in music was recognized by her family. She was sent to learn music from Ustad Shambhy Khan, Ashia Kahn and Ustad Maju Khan.


Rasoolanbai was an expert in Tappa singing. She dominated the musical world for almost five decades. She was an excellent singer of all marvelous. Her first musical performance was held in Dhananjaygarh court. It was such a success that she was invited by all the affluent Rajas of that time.


She used to sing on Radio and Doordarshan till 1972. her last public singing was held in Kashmir . She died on December 15, 1974 .