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The revered man of Hindustani classical music Ustad Rajab Ali Khan was mainly a Khayaal singer. He was also a player of Jaltarang and Been.


Rajab Ali Khan was born on September 3, 18 74 in Narsinghgarh of Madhya Pradehsh. His father Mugal Khan was also a singer. So, his primary education in music was given by his father. Later he came to Dawas along with his father. Here, in 1889, he became a disciple of Ustad Bande Ali.


After completing his educationin music, he started visiting many placesin the county and displayed his unparalleled quality of singing. On the invitation of the King of Nepal,he also appeared in the court of Nepal. He was a bad-tempered, frank, arrogant man. He had faith in other worldliness. In 1909, he was conferred the tittle of Sangeet Ratna Bhushan by the Maharaha of Mysore. His last big musical programme was held in 1957, in Bombay .