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Pannalal Ghosh was born in 1911 at Barish ( Bangladesh ). He deceloped a keen desire to learn music when he was merely seven years old. From his childhood,he used to experiment with different kinds of flutes, made up of different metals and tried to understand their working.


He did the seventh hole in the six hole tradition a tin flute. He also invented a new style of playing the flute. In 1935, he played the classical ragas on his flute. This was a king of revolution in the music world, nobody had ever imagined it. He produced the same softness and depth by other instruments.


Ghosh was associated with films and in 1934, he was appointed as a flute player at New theatres, Kolkata. From 1941 to 1946 he worked in Bombay Talkies as a music director and lyricist. His famous films were ‘Police’, ‘anjan’, ’sawal’, to name a few. In 1956, he came to Delhi to work in the A.I.R where he composed some new ragas like Deepawali, Jayant, and Chandravauti. He died in 1960 at the age of 50.