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One of the most versatile musicians of his time, Pandit Onkarnath Thakur was born on June 24, 18 97 at Jahaz in Baroda Province . His interest in music was present from his childhood. Whenever his village was visited by even a recognized singer, he immediately went to see and used to listen to his music or songs for hours.


There was uniqueness, depth and purity in the singing of Pnadit Onkarnath Thakur. His alaap soothed the minds of audiences. Not only that, the alaap were recited in such a fashion that one could identify it very easily. His devotional songs were repleate with emotions and feelings. His singing or songs were without fault.


In 1916, he went to Lahore where he was appointed the principal of Gandhara University . He also opened many schools in Bombay . In 1933, he had participated in the International Music Council held in Italy as a representative from India . He died on December 29,1967.