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Music has tow important aspects- one is artistic and other is emotional. Sitar player Nikhil Banerjee could produce both aspects in his music.


Nikhil Banerjee was born in 1931 in Kolkata. His father Jitranath Banerjee was an excellent Sitar Player. At the age of nine, he presented his first public performance of Sitar. While pursuing his education in music he was associated with the A.I.R. He was the youngest artist who presented his programme on A.I.R. Later he was taught by famous musicians like John Games, Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Mushtaq ali Khan, to name a few.


After completing his education, his first performance of Sitar was held in 1954, at the Tansen Sangeet Conference. He also visited many foreign countries and showed his musical talent. He was a visiting professor in Music Universites of Berkeley and California . He was honoured with the title of Padma Shri from the Indian government. He died on January 27, 1986 , due to heart attack.