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One of the famous musicians of the 18 th century was Nemat Khan Sadarang. He is considered the pioneer of Khayaal singing. His father was Lal Khan. His brother Khusrau Khan was also a great musician.


Nemat Khan was a musician in the court os Muhammed Shah Rangila and a disciple of the great poet, Dev. Nemat Khan always used Sadarangile Muhammed Shah in his bandishes. Consequently its popularity increased unexpectedly. He himself never sang his own bandishes in any concert. He composed more then 100 bandishes during his lifetime. Nemat Khan did not like to play Been with Sarangi. Sadarang’s bandishes were related with romances and written in praise of his king. Therefore his bandishes spered among the common people very easily.


Later on, his disciples, too used the word Sadarangila in their bandishes. The most famous among the disciples of Sadarang was Kasim Ali who was a great Veena player.