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An outstanding Dhrupad singer of Dagar Gharana, Nasiruddin Khan was born in 1895. He had learnt Dhrupad Dhamar from his father Ustad Alla Bande Khan and was very much a carbon copy of his father in his singing.


Nasiruddin Khan had an excellent voice. He had an excellent command over wording.He was good singer of Alaap and never tried to dominate Pakhawaj. He was honoured with the title ‘Sangeet Ratna’ in Banaras . He was also a good music teacher. He never thought Khayaaal. Mushtaribai of Agra and Ahmad Khan of Delhi were among his disciples who learnt Dhrupad from him.


Nasiruddin Khan had a good knowledge of Sangeet Shastra. There were very few musicians who were better than him in integrating words, music and raga in singing. He used to sing Aalaap-Dhrupad-Dhamar in musical concerts while he sang Khayaal and Tappa in Mehafil. He was a stern disciplinarian. He died in 1936 at Indore .