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With a deep voice and a semi-classical training , Manna Dey is a flawless singer who has the ability to sing any type of songs. From romantic duets to Qawwalis to racy numbers to patriotic songs to prayers, in versatility is evident throughout.


Manna Day was born as Prabodh chandra Dey in Kolkata. Manna Dey’s family wanted him to study alw but his uncle K.C. Dey, gauging his inherent singing talent, took him to Mumbai in 1940.


There, Manna Dey worked as an assistant to a music director. He along with Manna’s uncle, who was a well-known singer and star of the New Theatres, trained Manna Day in the subtleties of Thumri, Bhajan, Tappa and Qawwali.


He got his first break in playback singing in Vijay Bhatt’s film ‘Ram Rajya’. The song which established Dey in the Mumbai film world was ‘Upar Gagan Vishal’ from the film ‘Mashaal’. Manna dey soon established himself as a popular singer of classical songs.