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One of the most versatile singers and instrument player of Indian music was Lalmani Mishra. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Lalmani Mishra was himself a source of music. Lalmani Mishra was born on August 11, 19 24, in Kanpur . His services rendered to Indian music is invaluable. He founded many music institutes and also established various music organizations in his lifetime. Dr. Mishra’s invention of new theories and experiment enriched the Indian music. He also got fame in foreign countries. He had been a senior and Culture and in Veena. Lalmani Mishra was a madernost. He did not consider that musical education can be accrued and slide museum can be a useful source for the music leaner. He wrote book like `Tantrinad’, `Sangeet Saar’, `Indian Instrumental music’ and `Shruti Veena’. He died on July, 1979.