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Kudau Singh is remembered as one of the greatest Pnkhawaj players in India . Kudau Singh is born in 1815 in Banda, Utter Pradesh. His father’s name was Gappa.


When he was merely nine years old, he lost his parents and stated wandeting here and there. He learnt different techniques of playing Pakhawaj from Shridas, the famous Mridang Player and Bhagwan Singh.


At Tikamgarh, he played the Gajarpan raga in such a fashion that an insane elephant was pacified. Kudau Singh introduced a number of complex and strong syllables, which required considerable strength in playing. He made a lot of ‘Parans’ and most of them required twenty-four ‘tala’ (cycles) to complete one rendiotn. Event the back of the palm was used to give powerful strokes. Singh was conferred the title of ‘Kunwardas’ by the king of Ayodhya. He also presented his show in different corners of India . He died in 1910.