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John Hollander's most recent collections, Tesserae and Other Poems and Selected       
Poetry, were published by Knopf in 1993. His books of poems include: Harp Lake (1988),
In Time and Place (1986), Powers of Thirteen (1983), Blue Wine (1979), Spectral       
Emanations (1978), Reflections on Espionage (1976), Tales Told of the Fathers (1975), 
The Night Mirror (1971), Types of Shape (1968, rev. 1991), Visions from the           
Ramble 1965), Movie-Going (1962), and A Crackling of Thorns (1958). He has           
published six volumes of criticism: Gazer?s Spirit, Melodious Guile, Rhyme's         
Reason, The Figure of Echo, Vision and Resonance, and The Untuning of the Sky.       
His poetry has been set to music by Milton Babbitt, Elliott Carter, Alexander         
Goehr, George Perle and Hugo Weisgall, among others. His many honors include the     
Bollingen Prize in Poetry (with Anthony Hecht, 1983) and a MacArthur Foundation       
Fellowship. John Hollander is the A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of English at