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A singer who could sing Thumri Dadara and Ghazal in such a fashion as to spellbind the audience, would certainly be an extraordinary singer. He was a gem of classical music. He is also called as ‘Aaftabe Mausiki’or ’sun of music’. People like him are very rarely born.


Ustad Faiyaz Khan was born in 1880 in Sikandara. He was theson of Safadar Husain Khan of Rangila Gharana. He was imparted education in music by his maternal grandfather Ghagghe Khudabaksh of Agra Gharana. He also got opportunities to attend various conferences, which increase his knowledge of music. Very soon, he became a leading singer of his region.


Faiyaz Khan was the singer under whose guidance the singing style of Agra Gharana reached its zenith.


Ustad Faiyaz Khan had a good commad over the language of Braja. His writing were publishing in the name ‘Prem Priya,. He died on November 5, 1950.