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Name: Charles Green                                                               
Born: November 6, 1919                                                           
Died: March 7, 1997                                                               
Green was born in Fitzgerald, Georgia. He would stick bottle caps on his bare     
feet as a child and tap dance on the sidewalk for money. He won third place in a 
dance contest in 1925 in which Noble Sissle was the bandleader. Soon Green would 
be touring the South tap dancing.                                                 
When he was nine he was brought to New York by a talent scout to study tap       
dancing. A famous talent agent Nat Nazzaro, signed Green up as a client when he   
was just twelve years old. He and his childhood friend James Walker teamed up     
and called themselves "Shorty and Slim" Walker was a talented comic dancer and   
would be "Slim" to Green's "Shorty".                                             
He appeared at the Newport Jazz Festival on July 6, 1963 along with Honi Coles.   
Then, in 1964, Green faced tap dancer Groundhog in a tap challenge at the         
Village Vanguard. In 1969 Green appeared with members of Harlem’s Hoofer’s Club
for a series of “Tap Happenings” that were produced in New York City by Letitia
Jay. Through seventies and eighties, Green performed with the Copasetics. Honi   
Coles would introduce him as, “Chuck Green, the greatest tap dancer in the world.