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Pandit Ayodhya Prasad of Rampur was a disciple of Kudau Singh. He was born in 1896. his father Pandit Gaya Prasad was a reniwned Pankhawaj Player and Kudau Singh was his Uncle. Ayodhya Perasad had taken training of Pkhawaj playing from younger brother Kudau singh. Later on, it was his father who become his teacher.


Ayodhya Prasad believed in hard labour. He always protected the culture of his Gharana. For many years, he remained associated with the court of rampur. He had the privileges to play Pnkhawaj with some great singers and instrument players.


The feature of his Pnkawaj playing was that he could perceive the mood of the singer or instrument player within no time and played accordingly. He always accepted challenges gleefully posed by fellow players and singers. But competition never became a matter of rivalry. He had learnt Dharupad from Vazeer Khan Nawab Chehamran Khan. He died on December26,1977.