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Amir Khusrau was the foremost visionary of his age, when contributed most to the two cultures i.e. Indian and Persian. He was born in 1253. His mother was of Indian origin. Khusrau’s father Amir Saifuddin Mahmud, a noble, was in military service of Sultan Iltrumish.


Amir Khusrau was a born Poet and musician. His compositions won him willing Princely patronges, even at the young age of twenty. He served as poet-laureate to six Sultan, the last being Ghiyasuddin Tughaq. In 1284, Khusrau became a full-fledged sufi.


Khusrau’s writing given ample proof that he was a lover of music and knew Persian and Indian systems. The credit for introducing Persian melodies and blending Indian Ragas with Persian airs went to Khusrau as the Nayak of Khayal and inventor of the musical instrument Sitar.