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Amala Shankar was born in 1919 in Bengal in a cultured family. Right form her childhood she led a simple life and possessed an aesthetic outlook, having a tremendous affinity for literature and ancient scriptures.


At the age of eleven, she accompanied her father to the International Colonial Exhibition in Paris, where she met Uday Shankar and his family. She touted all over Europe for one year, and the success of the show tuned Amala in the art of dancing. In 1942, she got married to Uday Shankar, a great choreographer.
Endowed with exquisite conception, perfect poise, excellent rhythm and eloquent gesture, Amala Shankar’s name spread far and wide. In conceptualizing, creating and refining the new age dances, Amala Shankar’s contribution cannot be ignored.


Today’s in the absence of Uday Shankar, the legacy of ‘Shankar Gharana continues through her and her daughter Mamta and daughter-in-law Tanushree.