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Karen Ann Quinlan                                                               
Birth:  Mar. 29, 1954                                                           
Death:  Jun. 11, 1985                                                                                                                                                 
Karen Ann Quinlan fell into a coma in April 1975, allegedly after mixing drugs 
and alcohol at a party. After she had been on a respirator and a feeding tube   
for about a year, her family asked hospital authorities to remove her from life 
support; the hospital refused. Her case was one of the first to call attention 
to the "right to die" debate nationally. The Quinlans were finally granted     
permission from the New Jersey Supreme Court to remove Karen from life support 
in 1976; amazingly, she lived on in a coma for another 8+ years until she died 
of pneumonia in 1985. (bio by: Joel Manuel)