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Ian Hacking Ian Hacking (born 1936) in Vancouver is a philosopher operating in the fields of philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Professor University of Toronto from 1982. In 2001 he was appointed to the Chair of Philosophy and of the History of Scientific Concepts at the prestigious Collège de France. In 2004, he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada.


Selected works


Hacking’s works have been translated into several languages.
The Logic of Statistical Inference (1965)
The Emergence of Probability (1975)
Representing and Intervening (1983)
The Taming of Chance (1990)
Scientific Revolutions (1990)
Rewriting the Soul: Multiple Personality and the Sciences of Memory (1995)
Mad Travellers: Reflections on the Reality of Transient Mental Illness (1998)
The Social Construction of What? (1999)
Probability and Inductive Logic (2001)
Historical Ontology (2002)