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Heraclitus was pre-Socratic Greek philosopher of whom we only have second-hand       
information. According to the reports of others, he argued that fire was the         
primal substance from which the universe and all matter is formed - but there       
does not remain any fundamental "stuff" from which everything in the universe is     
Other preserved reports indicate that he used paradoxes to demonstrate that the     
world is in a constant state of flux - he even argued that the apparently           
unchanging hills were changing, just too slowly for people to readily notice.       
The most famous of these was his metaphor of the river.                             
Acording to Heraclitus, because a river is always flowing and always in flux, it     
is impossible to ever step into the same river twice. It may look to us like the     
same river, but obviously the water has changed entirely and continually does so     
from second to second. The only thing which does remain the same is the cosmic       
balance of everything in motion.