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Name: Marian Wright Edelman                                                     
Born: June 6, 1939                                                             
Marian Wright Edelman (born June 6, 1939, in Bennettsville, South Carolina) is 
an American activist for the rights of children. She is president and founder of
the Children's Defense Fund.                                                   
Edelman's thinking was influenced by her father, Arthur Wright, a Baptist       
preacher who taught that Christianity required service in this world, and by   
civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph.                                         
A graduate of Spelman College and Yale Law School, Edelman worked for the NAACP 
Legal Defense Fund, the Poor People's March on Washington, and on a variety of 
other civil rights and public interest causes before founding the Children's   
Defense Fund in 1973. She was the first black woman admitted to the Mississippi