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Name: Henry Wade                                                                 
Born: 11 November 1914                                                           
Died: 1 March 2001                                                               
Henry Menasco Wade (November 11, 1914 - March 1, 2001), was a Texas lawyer who   
participated in two of the most notable U.S. court cases of the 20th century,     
the prosecution of Jack Ruby for killing Lee Harvey Oswald and the U.S. Supreme   
Court's decision legalizing abortion, Roe v. Wade. In addition, Wade was         
District Attorney when Randall Dale Adams, the subject of the documentary film   
The Thin Blue Line, was convicted in the murder of Robert Wood, a Dallas police   
Wade, one of eleven children, was born in Rockwall County, Texas, outside Dallas. 
A good student, Wade, along with five of his seven brothers, entered the legal   
profession. Shortly after graduating from the University of Texas, in 1939, Wade 
joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then headed by the towering figure   
of J. Edgar Hoover. Wade's assignment as Special Agent was to investigate         
espionage cases along the East Coast of the United States and in South America.   
During World War II, Wade served in the U.S. Navy, taking part in the invasions   
of the Philippines and Okinawa.